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About Us

Philosophy of Continuous Innovation
Since our first renovation in 1999, we set in motion a philosophy that still guides us today: continuous innovation. We're committed to providing our clients with the most efficient and comprehensive building solutions available, devoting our energy to satisfying customer needs and developing long term relationships.

We are committed
Helping our customers, employees and communities build a better future is our aim. While quality can be gauged in many ways, one measure stands out above the rest, that measurement is customer satisfaction. We see every customer interaction as an opportunity to surpass expectations.

Our great deal of flexibility is a proven advantage which puts us in the league of Bermuda's strongest players in the field of construction. Our wide range of resources allow us to be competive in all areas and strengthens our position in Bermuda's demanding market.

We care for the next generations
We combine our strong economic performance with our unwavering commitment to society and the environment. One of M&M Group's priorities is to ensure that Bermudians are trained and ready for increased responsibilities, qualified jobs and that those jobs are made available to them. We strive to maintain the best possible ratio of labour from Bermuda and abroad by creating a work environment that rewards, supports, and promotes our local workforce.

Consistent Performance
Our unparalleled record of performance and cost efficiency has promoted us to where we are now among Bermuda's top builders. We have created the opportunity for future growth and we are very excited about it. We are always looking at using the advantages of our extensive commercial networks to continue to provide value to our customers.